Mirror Talk

My love language is words of affirmations, so if you could only afford to give me a card as a gift, trust me, that card would be cherished far more than any piece of jewelry would. If you do not believe, ask my husband how many times I cried over a card without giving the actual gift any shine. Because of this, I use positive words of affirmations to get through some of my depressive episodes. I want to offer you 30 positive affirmations to tell yourself in the mirror (hence the title of this post).  I hope you can find the self-love and positive self-talk you have been searching for with this list. Oh yeah, shout out to my therapist for getting me out of that “stinky thinking.” Thanks, sis! You are with my copay and then some!

So when you are standing in front of the mirror getting yourself ready to start your day, recite some of the following affirmations:

-I am love.

-I am in charge of my feelings today.

-I will not compare myself to anyone.

-I am enough

-I have the power to create change

-My presence is my power (This one hits hard)

-My past is not a reflection of my future

-I will succeed today

-I am confident in my ability to [Fill in the blank]

-I give myself permission to make mistakes today

-I will trust myself to make the right decision

-I have value

-Positivity is a choice

-I will find the solutions to my problems

-I am fearless

-I forgive myself (another fan favorite)

-I learn from my past

-I am grateful for my life

-My life is just beginning

-My fears of tomorrow are fading away

-I believe in myself

-I am in charge of my life

-I deserve love, compassion, and empathy from myself and others

-I release self-doubt

-I let go of what no longer serves me

-My thoughts become reality (good or bad)

-I will not worry about things I cannot control (Ouch! I step on my toes with this one)

-I am proud of myself

-I do not fail, I learn, and I win

-I was not made to give up (thanks mama for this one)

I hope that this list gets you to the love you need. Please feel free to share this with anyone you know that needs a little pick me up.

Published by arispeaksout

Hi! I am Ari AKA Ariel Davis, and welcome to my page! I wanted to start this page to get the stigma off of mental health. As a person, that deals with mental illness, I know the importance of having someone to listen to you. Please feel free to join in the conversation! I hope you enjoy my page!

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