The Chariot Reversed

I recently got into tarot cards. When I was younger and fully invested in organized religion, I thought tarot cards and their readings were “ungodly” (poor little Ari). Tonight I decided to pull cards because I am trying to figure out where I need to focus my attention. I have been out of work for about two months, and I would be lying to you if I said that my being without work was not weighing on me mentally. As I drew my cards, The Chariot card popped out of my hand onto my desk. When I flipped it over, I noticed that it was reversed. I went to look up what my Heavenly Spirits wanted me to know about where to place my focus, and their message took my breath away. Their message said, “You are letting obstacles and challenges get in the way, preventing you from achieving what you set out to do.” Why are you slapping me across my face, Heavenly Spirits? Since walking away from my job, my love for my vision started cooling down some. I began to think that what I was dreaming about was not worth chasing anymore. Seeing The Chariot Reversed made me understand it was time to stop feeling defeated from the battle I had just finished, and it was time to end the war. My purpose is more significant than any obstacle could be. I cannot let the flame burn out because where I left could not see my heart. It was not up to me to change their minds, but it is up to me to help change people’s lives.

After reading The Chariot Reversed card, I realized that I could not keep allowing walls that I built from my doubt to keep me from achieving my purpose. I am here on Earth for a reason, and it is not to allow others to keep me trapped, even if that person is myself. I am here to be the cheerleader for the community. I am here to be the voice for the unheard ones. I am here to show people that no matter what is in their way, they can still get to their purpose if they keep pushing towards it.

Thank you, Heavenly Spirits, for showing me the way out of my darkness.  

Published by arispeaksout

Hi! I am Ari AKA Ariel Davis, and welcome to my page! I wanted to start this page to get the stigma off of mental health. As a person, that deals with mental illness, I know the importance of having someone to listen to you. Please feel free to join in the conversation! I hope you enjoy my page!

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