The Shift

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” — Maya Angelou

Going into my 35th year this year, I noticed that I have been shifting a lot in the past two years. And this shift that is taking place is not pleasant. Not one bit. This shift has brought me to dangerously low moments that I thought I would never recover. I wanted out of this change I was going through because I did not see anything good coming from it. Why did there this shift have to bring so much loss and pain? Why did I have to deal with doors shutting in my face? I want this change to go away. I want change without the sides effects. Can I just stay the way I am?

Today I realize that the shift was necessary. I needed the shift because my outlook on the world was clouded. I saw every closed door as a punishment instead of seeing it as saving grace. Those dangerously low moments were when I tried it my way and ran into a wall. The pain and the loss I had only came because I needed to let go of things that were not serving me anymore. Me fighting against the shift was why I felt the discomfort. Discomfort comes from you wanting to stay where you are, but your mind knows that it is time to make moves.

I feel confident that once I am completely done shifting, I will truly see the beauty of my purpose.


Published by arispeaksout

Hi! I am Ari AKA Ariel Davis, and welcome to my page! I wanted to start this page to get the stigma off of mental health. As a person, that deals with mental illness, I know the importance of having someone to listen to you. Please feel free to join in the conversation! I hope you enjoy my page!

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