Thoughts From the Notebook

Will I ever be good enough?

Will I ever be able to assist people and accept their thanks?

I want to be able to see what others see in me. My mama always tells me that I am amazing and that she is thankful for me. Why can’t I see that? I don’t know if I could ever accept the kind words and praises.

Ari, stop doubting yourself.

Ari, stop doubting yourself.

Ari, stop doubting yourself.

You can handle anything.

You are kind and thoughtful.

You can lean on people without feeling like a burden.

People need you.

People look up to you.

Fuck depression.

You got this girl!

Published by arispeaksout

Hi! I am Ari AKA Ariel Davis, and welcome to my page! I wanted to start this page to get the stigma off of mental health. As a person, that deals with mental illness, I know the importance of having someone to listen to you. Please feel free to join in the conversation! I hope you enjoy my page!

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